Using the exposure unit for screenprinting with Nigel Bowles

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Higgidy pies packaging

Резултат с изображение за higgidy pies

Packaging rarely impresses me, but a I found the distinct design personality of a Higgidy pie I bought yesterday absolutely stunning – and this was one of the rare occasions where my reason to buy a product was mainly because of its packaging. I found myself on the other side of the coin where I was obviously targeted to be a part of the intended audience and it actually feels goood 🙂 .  ‘That’s so me’, I thought.

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Free Machine Embroidery, Digital Stitch


Stitch is amazing! It offers so many opportunities and is so much simpler than I expected. The workshops that I did were very inspiring and I definitely believe that there is a huge potential for Graphics students to use the stitch facilities at uni (and after). I learned the basics of how the sewing machines should be used, digital stitch software and tried some simple stuff.

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RSA Beyond Borders Submission

Today I submitted my entry for the RSA competition – Beyond Borders Brief after weeks of work – it feels rewarding to know so much hard work is already behind, but then at the same time I definitely wish I could develop it further.  That’s the design process I guess – a project could never be finished and could forever be developed.

I was required to submit the following:

  • 1 A3 poster with max 1 sentence description
  • 1 A3 Big Idea poster max 250 words
  • 4  A3 pdfs outlining my proposal

Click to download all 6 Pdfs + 1 Additional file

Also in terms of development I found it funny that I only attached several sketchbook pages while my research and development was way deeper and was a long journey, I changed ideas so many times.  Fascinating how the end result often seems simple but in order to reach it you have to go a long way which remains hidden from the audience. It is like an iceberg!