Imagine a room full of colours and ideas. And 60 young busy minds.
That’s our studio!
On 30th September (second day of our first real week) our tutors introduced us to the work created by some of the most renowned collage artists worldwide. After that we had to try and make a collage
ourselves. We were supplied with plenty of magazines and newspapers, scissors and scalpels, and glue. There was only one requirement- to include a person in our collage. I found this exercise really interesting – first of all, you never know exactly what type of images you will find in a random magazine. So you are either lucky with images that suit you and your ideas, or not. My work – I had no idea what I was doing. Really. After the 15th minute my mind just went crazy with all the pictures I saw and the different possible combinations. And furthermore – you only cut once. So.. no mistakes allowed ! No Photoshop here!
However, I am not very satisfied with the final result, even though I think I succeeded creating one other possible reality based on the similarities between different objects. What I don’t like about it is the composition, there is a lot of useless space,which makes the whole image look empty, even though the eyes connect both characters. I could’ve done better.


“Support living artists, the dead ones don’t need it.”
Some pieces from the french graphic design duo M/M Paris

mm1 mm-posters-11mm2


2. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” MUSEUM PROJECT

The first couple of days at university were a bit confusing – GP, GPS, inductions, introductions, enrolments, people, presentations, credentials, debit cards, credit cards, giffgaff cards, idontknowwhat cards, maps, mix of enormous excitement generated by all the new things (I could write a whole new blog about them)  and indescribable happiness, awakened by all the serendipities and picturesqe sights in sunny(!!!) Cardiff…
Oh, and don’t forget a pinch of “you must buy all the stuff you need because you came 2 days ago with one suitcase”. Whoops, and you have to eat too ! And party a bit !

I am still excited and happy but definitely calmer and used to it now – almost three weeks later.

..So let’s get to the point.

On the second day of our induction week we were given out first project, which was entertaining but yet serious. Being split into groups of three, we were required to take a photograph, create an illustration and write a text – all three linked to a specific word (which was unique for each team). Our word was ENERGY.
And can you guess where?
In the Cardiff National Museum! Such an amazing way to indirectly say “Welcome in Cardiff!”.
We were given an hour and a half to investigate the museum and find three different aspects of our given word between the four walls of the building. Working with a freshly formed team may be tricky but Jillian, Jasmine and I managed to cope with this challenge and here’s the result:

20140929_112357res20140928_113052 20141006_101502 20140929_112454res
In my opinion, the written piece is the most powerful part of our project. Although we changed the idea behind it entirely (within the last 30 minutes) , I think that the final result is intriguing, easy to comprehend and quite simple, it shows the absolutely literal meaning of “energy” in a museum. And furthermore nobody likes reading looong boring texts. Everybody knows that.
The illustration and photography show “energy” from one more abstract point of view. Interpret them yourself 😛

What I learned from this project is something very easy and simple, but it is the basis of each creative process ( and , I admit, I skip it sometimes ) – You can not start anything without knowing exactly what it is.
The first 30 minutes of our visit in the museum were almost pointless, because we didn’t have a vision of what we were searching for. We wanted to find Energy and start building something out of it.
We were a bit lost, and we didn’t know why we were looking at all these exhibits… When we built the whole idea ( which is so simple ) our exploration became real and easy to achieve.
We started hunting something certain and actual, and it was all there… But we didn’t see it the first time.

1 “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor”

Hello, world. First of all let me introduce myself.
I am Katerina Hristova, born in one beautiful Bulgarian city called Varna which is located on the coast of the Black Sea.

breeze&seagulls&sun&sand&nature&food&lovely people&blue skies&beaches

However, I was blessed and lucky enough to be given the opportunity to continue my education in Cardiff, which already feels like home, even though I arrived 3 weeks ago.

   Processed with VSCOcam with se2 preset      20141002170826262[1]

20140921163543475[1]      Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset      Processed with VSCOcam    

(photos taken in Cardiff with my phone .. simply because posts with no images are boooring)



So here I am, one excited, enthusiastic and proud undergraduate student of Cardiff School of Art and Design, sitting on a chair in one of Victoria Hall`s rooms, struggling with the white sheet of paper. 🙂

This whole reflective blog project is one of my duties as Graphic Communication student, which aims to track my academic progress.

…and to be honest, initially, I could not like the idea less. It`s uncomfortable. It`s uneasy.

1. I`ve never been confident enough to share most of my personal projects & creations with people ( except my closest friends ) ( which is my biggest weakness )
2. One can easily conclude that my english is far from perfect as I have never lived in England. And my English teacher is no longer here to fix my mistakes. (So I want to apologise in advance. Forgive me for my grammar and spelling mistakes and please let me know if you find any)
3. I don`t like writing. At all.

But listen closely. I`ll tell you a secret.
One little hidden courageous Katerina in me has always wanted to make a blog. So I’m quite thankful it`s compolusary. Such a perfect excuse.

The comfort zone has never contributed to somebody’s growth, so I am happy to step out of it (in many ways). So what I expect to achieve thanks to this blog prevails over all the mentioned cons .

1. Hopefully, I will give up doubting myself ( or at least will take a step to achieve it )
2. I will face my true identity
3. I will improve my written and accordingly my spoken english
4. I will sort and arrange many of the floating thoughts in my confused head
5. All of my friends will be up to date wih my latest course-related work and projects at university
6. Not only my tutors, but also I will be able to track my own progress, and I think this will be even more interesting a year (or two) from now.

I think it’s worth it.

Challenge accepted.
My future self will definitely thank me for that.