Lee Sharma: Steal the show: How to… Pitch your idea

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Lee Sharma: Simply DO Ideas; Founder & CEO

  1. Ideas are easy. Doing is difficult
  2. Ideas are fragile
  3. No idea is perfect

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Plastic bag landscapes


Good idea that reminds me of our project in its relation to Environment. I showed it to my team members 2 weeks ago, but they were not as inspired as I was after they saw it.

The idea in my opinion is not only eye-pleasing but also metaphorical. It transforms something we consider harmful to our landscape into the landscape itself. There is a dose of sarcasm, as it is the opposite of what we expect (what pollutes our nature has replaced it), however the outcome is beautiful and thought-provoking.

I find it fascinating how something discarded could be brought to life only through a photograph. Plastic bags have a range of colours, they are flexible and could be used as a material, just like used paper waiting to be recycled or food/furniture packaging.