RSA Beyond Borders Submission

Today I submitted my entry for the RSA competition – Beyond Borders Brief after weeks of work – it feels rewarding to know so much hard work is already behind, but then at the same time I definitely wish I could develop it further.  That’s the design process I guess – a project could never be finished and could forever be developed.

I was required to submit the following:

  • 1 A3 poster with max 1 sentence description
  • 1 A3 Big Idea poster max 250 words
  • 4  A3 pdfs outlining my proposal

Click to download all 6 Pdfs + 1 Additional file

Also in terms of development I found it funny that I only attached several sketchbook pages while my research and development was way deeper and was a long journey, I changed ideas so many times.  Fascinating how the end result often seems simple but in order to reach it you have to go a long way which remains hidden from the audience. It is like an iceberg!


Airport waiting areas

Those will be my main target areas, as those are the spaces where people feel more relaxed after having passed luggage and passport control, and eventually more open to engage with a campaign/project because the only thing they have to do is wait.

Резултат с изображение за airport waiting area

Heathrow data research

Some interesting figures about Heathrow that I found, further to considering whether a flight to a certain country would mostly include local passengers. link

  • Number of passengers arriving and departing per day: average 205,400 (split 50/50 between arriving and departing)
  • Number of passengers arriving and departing in 2015: 75 million
  • Busiest day ever recorded (passenger numbers): 17 August 2015 with 257,312
  • Busiest year ever recorded (passenger numbers): 2015 with 75 million
  • Percentage of international passengers in 2015: 93% (69.8 million)
  • Percentage of domestic passengers in 2015: 7% (5.1 million)
  • Percentage of business travellers in 2015: 36% (27 million)
  • Percentage of leisure travellers in 2015: 64% (48 million)
  • Percentage of transfer passengers in 2015: 32% (24 million)

I found it fruitful and re-assuring that the percentage of international passengers in 2015 was 93% – the chance of coming across a person from a different cultural background is extremely high.  Most people (64%)  travel for leisure, which is also a good figure, bearing in mind that they will be open to exploration and experiencing something new.



Multicultural diversity


Why do we hold prejudice against other people? Prejudice is a sign of fear (or in other words, lack of information). We fear what we don’t understand. So how can we help in the process of overcoming fear? Through trust and understanding. How is trust created? Honesty, lack of lies, personal interaction or experience, first-hand information.

Multicultural diversity previously interpreted by artists and designers:


Colours. Diversity poster

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