BigIdea : Outside The Box


 The most well-worn cliche for expressing the concept of  thinking beyond the obvious.





A thinking process, which comprehends the implementation of an unusual approach to the logical thinking structure. It´s a procedure which aims to escape relational       reasoning and thinking.

Inside the box?

Thinking within the constraints of what’s accepted would mean that you are narrow minded, ‘with the horse blinds on’; failing to make the effort to acknowledge what it could be.

You are the box

society defines the ‘restrictions’ you place on your mental flexibility

/insert whatever you want here/

‘do not be/do this! that’s bad!’
‘Successful Graphic Designers get a corporate job in a createive agency. And rivers and orphans are wrong! Your success depends on the approval and evaluation of others!’
‘Don’t go out naked! Old people are smarter!’
‘Architects wear black clothes! Nerds wear glasses! Teachers should be overly formal, and so do you!’
‘Middle finger is something reeeally bad!’

Kids do better

They do not submit to the authority of society (yet). They are currently being taught how to. With the best of intentions! Small boxes.

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Final Concept

The final idea that I decided to stick to was to perceive the box as something literal and physical, daily. The boundaries that separate one object from another are present everywhere in everyday objects and actions.
In spite of the fact that we are not conscious of those restrictions, we submit to their rules everyday, accepting that ‘this is the right way’.
What if we decided not to obey those barriers?

Idea generation and planning


Physical Borders

The chosen medium is a realistic photographic collection, aiming to disturb and provoke thought by portraying a realistic image of otherwise unconventional decisions in a set of perfectly conventional situations. Breaking the boundaries of what’s perceived to be normal.




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