Concept: Marketing and PR challenge

In the first days of April, I took part in Concept – a 3-day Marketing Challenge working with real clients in cross-disciplinary teams. As both a participant in the event and a photographer, I gained valuable practical experience.

Concept involved a number of useful workshops delivered by external entrepreneur speakers, which gave us an insight into the world of marketing.

On the first day we pitched to choose a client among Welsh Triathlon, Anna Palamar Designs and Cardiff Met Crowdfunding. Me as a graphic designer and a photographer being in a team with two sports management students, a psychology student and a law student, our choice was clear – we pitched to work with Welsh Triathlon as our skillset was the perfect fit. We were eventually accepted so we proceeded to develop a marketing strategy to inspire more people from minorities to GoTri- or make the first step to their first Triathlon.

After numerous discussions and meetings with the client, we decided to focus on women and to create a Mother – Daughter oriented campaign, which would involve family bonding through sport. A number of partnerships and volunteer-led events were also planned. The hashtag and campaign name we came up with was #WeTri, celebrating togetherness as to We Try, and at the same time standing for Welsh Triathlon.

On the last day we pitched our idea in front of the client, which was a rewarding and scary experience. Being responsible for the photography of the event, I was split in two but I think that I managed my energy and time well to ensure that both missions were successfully completed. Here is the presentation that we showed, visualised and structured by me :  download


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