Free Machine Embroidery, Digital Stitch


Stitch is amazing! It offers so many opportunities and is so much simpler than I expected. The workshops that I did were very inspiring and I definitely believe that there is a huge potential for Graphics students to use the stitch facilities at uni (and after). I learned the basics of how the sewing machines should be used, digital stitch software and tried some simple stuff.

What really impressed me  was the free machine embroidery where you can draw with a sewing machine while moving the fabric freely, changing stitch patterns and thread colors. I was surprised to find out that there are specific threads for different occasions, there is a glow in the dark thread, disseminating thread which disappears after a certain period and a magic pen which you can draw with on fabric, but then it also disappears! Stitch for magicians. 🙂

Even more impressive was digital stitch – using software you can just load a file to the machine and it sews for you, however prior to that you must make a number of decisions regarding the direction and sewing technique.

I thought that you could just load a vector to the machine and it does the job for you. However, that’s not the case. The poodle is an example of how the same shape can look entirely different just by playing around with the specific software – the image could look flat or 3d but the direction of the stitch should be considered.


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