Retro newspaper by the SU

The second Retro newspaper for the year came out again full of good stuff and also some contributions from me 🙂

Issuu digital version click 


On page 12 there are some of the photos I took for the SU at the event for signing the Time to Change Wales Pledge – it is a declaration that Cardiff Met is dedicated to making a step to tackling mental health discrimination. A great initiative in my opinion because there are a number of people across CSAD whom I know and are conscious about their mental issues which all of us have. However, it was great to see so much support from the SU team as they really liked the photos and invited me to capture other events as well.

Here are some more shots:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On page 13 there is a ‘Prep like a pro for the exams’ process infographic, for it I worked alongside Kelsie who is the other Communication Ambassador and she does writing and blogging, whereas I manage the visuals. So that is a collaboration where Kelsie suggested the content, gave me the body copy and I turned into an image. The SU style is quite serious and well-established so I tried to stick to it to maintain consistency, while adding a bit of liveliness to it. I think that the information will be easier to digest in a visual form which will hopefully help students to prepare more efficiently for the exams.

prep like a pro.jpg




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