Big Idea: Outside the Box

We have received our ‘Big Idea’ brief – it is a 3 week project where we are expected to develop a concept working with a particular chosen word or phrase. Research and analysis are keys to delivering an innovative piece of work – if we decide to convey the well-known preconceptions of our chosen words, the outcome would not be innovative. Successfully communicating our ideas in an exhibition setting would require a polished, finished piece of work which is eye-catching and thought provoking, yet simple.

This project is similar to the poster project that we did in the first year, but the brief is even more open, because we have the complete freedom to choose a medium which effectively, adequately and of course creatively communicates our research and ideas.

My first step was to narrow down the given list of words and phrases to those which intrigue me the most. I aimed for the positive ones – recently I have been thinking about the social responsibility of the designer a lot, so I thought that even if my outcome reaches 2 people I want them to be positively influenced.

  • -Serendipity-
  • -Outside the Box-
  • -Curiosity-
  • -Asylum-

I have previously had struggles when choosing among a variety of possibilities, which is something we constantly come across as designers. Creating from nothingness is challenging and hides millions of possibilities – quality is in the shadow of the question of what exactly you decide to choose. This puts the weight of whether something else might work better on the shoulders of the creator and requires bravery


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