Google: The Digital Garage Workshop


Резултат с изображение за google digital garage


A lecture /workshop on digital marketing, improve your digital presence; 1 to 1 sessions based at the Tramshed

  • UK consumers love buying online! 77% avg of the people. 2.000 pounds per person per year!
  • A small business with a strong web presence results in 2xBusiness growth 2x Job creation
  • 51% of small businesses and charities have a website ;
  • 21% of those provide anything more than basic company information

1: Build an optimised and consumer friendly website

Your own website: full control over your brand; opportunity for advanced options; but it is difficult to create and is costly

Other web platforms: Quick set-up; free or low-cost; but less control over customisation

Spread the message across several platforms.

Domain name: registered online (wix; wordpress)

Best practices for building a successful website:

  • clear purpose and goal (what do you want them to do? What is the message you want to convey – make it clear)
  • clean layout and navigation
  • strong call to action
  • fast page loading time (The faster it loads the less likely they are t leave) -> Does your site shine across all devices? Test+Free report available
  • mobile first design (2015 mobile searches overtook desktop searches)

Mobile design for success! Prominent call to action ; simple and clear navigation links; streamline form fills; optimised for small screens

2: Boost your social presence and content

Maintain digital presence in other platforms: Social media ; search engines; blog; Feedback sites!

facebook, twitter, linkedin, youtube(2 biggest search engine), ebay, etsy, amazon, highstreet, tripadvisor, yell, bing, pinterest

38million active social media users in the UK- 1h29min average daily use of social media via any device

Start with your audience! Where are they? What do they do? Who do they follow? Take influence from the ‘big boys’, and benefit from that

Write an effective social media bio! Keep it relevant; Keep it clear and consistent; Show your personality and have fun! for example: Borrow my doggy: A trusted community connecting dog owners and

The power of youtube Since 2014 digital became the primary source of media consumption in the UK; 63%

Create great YouTube content: Be a Thought Leader! Create shareable content! Identify potential collaborators! Give the audience the power to watch what they want to watch. Be human and interact. What would attract the viewers? Listen to the audience. You want your audience to know that this is not an one-off – it is a series of videos! Create a narrative

YouTube Creator academy (channel) offers great tips + YouTube director App

3: Managing your online presence on Google

Google my Business -make your presence on google – ! Set up your business, even though you might not have a physical store! Takes 10mins

How do you look on google?

do you have a website? is it mobile friendly? have you considered an online video? have you claimed your listing?


tips from experts: video lessons



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