Heathrow data research

Some interesting figures about Heathrow that I found, further to considering whether a flight to a certain country would mostly include local passengers. link

  • Number of passengers arriving and departing per day: average 205,400 (split 50/50 between arriving and departing)
  • Number of passengers arriving and departing in 2015: 75 million
  • Busiest day ever recorded (passenger numbers): 17 August 2015 with 257,312
  • Busiest year ever recorded (passenger numbers): 2015 with 75 million
  • Percentage of international passengers in 2015: 93% (69.8 million)
  • Percentage of domestic passengers in 2015: 7% (5.1 million)
  • Percentage of business travellers in 2015: 36% (27 million)
  • Percentage of leisure travellers in 2015: 64% (48 million)
  • Percentage of transfer passengers in 2015: 32% (24 million)

I found it fruitful and re-assuring that the percentage of international passengers in 2015 was 93% – the chance of coming across a person from a different cultural background is extremely high.  Most people (64%)  travel for leisure, which is also a good figure, bearing in mind that they will be open to exploration and experiencing something new.




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