Competitions briefing+initial ideas


For our second project we work individually to produce a body of work to enter a competition, choosing from a an awesomely wide range of briefs. We are choosing either a D&AD, YCN, ISTD or RSA competition. 

notes to self:

  • Research is key!
  • Go beyond the brief!

Here are some pretty cool winning projects:

When I’m a Dad

An old but impressive one, one of this year’s briefs has the same aim: Dumb animals 

2013 D&AD Student Winners by Creative Review

My briefs

After having a good read at all of the briefs (40 at least) , I simply wanted to do half of them. 😀

Here’s a slideshow of those that interested me most:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Obviously, there were many that grabbed my attention, so I thought about my portfolio. In the past, I have already worked on several books, interpreting books excites me. Expectedly, I had targeted the briefs where I have to interpret books/ chapters/ visualise stories. However, I decided to eliminate those for the sake of my portfolio. Let’s try something different.

So my final shortlisted briefs are:


Monotype – represent culture




The good life

Mind your money

Beyond boarders



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