Last year, time for dissertation.

In this category I’m going to track my progress in relation to my dissertation and also post thought food that I find interesting and fruitful.

Last year I wrote a Diss proposal, which was the starting point of my dissertation. However, the topics I looked at it were really broad and my next challenge is to  decide what exactly I would like to explore, narrow down the options and make it more specific. Here it is

In it I did some research on the impacts of Graphic Design – both good and bad, but from my point of view now, this is just the background of what needs to be done.

In my last discussion with my mentor Ashley we talked about the Uses and Gratifications Theory – an approach to understanding mass communication.   It explores how people use media to fulfil their needs in several main directions – Identify, Educate, Enjoyment, Affection/Social Interaction. Nice video explaining this  & Detailed wiki . I find this very beneficial to what I wrote about in the proposal. Might be a good idea to concentrate on only one of the needs and write what kind of Graphic Design satisfies that need.

Guerilla Marketing strategy is something else that I did some research on after our meeting.  Ambient advertising is similar, so I wanted to be clear on the differences. Both are impressive and I find them super super duper cool.

Guerilla Marketing:

Ambient Advertising:

Only a few days after the tutorial I found myself so stuck that I wanted to progress but couldn’t, so that got me thinking about mental blocks. And then self-confidence. And then ego.

BigThink: Your Ego is the Emotional Equivalent of a Fake Mustache

And voila! I decided to change my topic. A ton of enthusiasm was flowing through my veins. So I moved my focus to that area – the difference between ego and self-confidence and their impact on the creative process.

The current work of Elizabeth Gilbert (writer of Eat, Pray, Love) consists in sharing her understanding of creativity, and going beyond fear. Her trigger was the fact that after her huge success with Eat, Pray, Love, she felt stuck because she felt that that was it – the big win in her life – she couldn’t go beyond that, or achieve something superior. Everything to follow would have felt like a failure compared to the massive success. Fear of failure killed her creativity.

Personally I live by the rule that each decision is taken either through fear or love. Ego is the voice of fear and Self-esteem is the voice of love.

Jim Carrey – Choose love not fear

Also here I find a lot of topics that I find interesting and believe could be a great source of further inspiration Brain Pickings

Second tutorial 11/10/16:

After seeing Ashley’s reaction in relation to my decision to start again my enthusiasm completely vanished. She tried to support me and said that it was all ok, but also said that what had already  been assessed was my idea before that.

Library was my arena for the following few hours and after looking at lots of books and articles, I just decided to give up on that and stick to the old idea. I still love it though.

Next steps:

Now that I am back on the topic about Graphic Design’s impact on people, I think I would like to focus on how people use Design for Identification and personality building.

According to Uses and Gratifications theory(Why do people use media? What do they use it for?), one of the 5 reasons why people interact with media is to identify with characters of the situation in the media environment. 


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