Type joke : I don’t think it counts as a joke, but anyway… I would love to try this sans-serif wine!Screenshot_2014-11-07-12-36-37

Drawing type

Some letters out of the box


Type hunt photos – previous post
Expressive names 

Here we have Mitchell Scott living on a sheet of paper. He defined himself as friendly, quiet (at first.. until you get to know him), open-minded, rugby and metal concerts lover. Being quiet and loving rugby and metal concerts in the same time sounds like an impossible combination to me. That made me think that this guy finds it difficult to show off and as a result he is shy and hides himself behind a quiet “exterior”. That’s why I decided to create tight, stiff letterforms and to lock them in a rugby ball, safe and comfortable. A flow of creativity and open-mindedness is breaking that “cage”. I don’t necessarily say that all this is true for the particular person – it was my observation based on the things he told me. This was a cool exercise because in the future most of our customers will be strangers and we will be obliged to get into their heads and find out what they want and expect.

reska gif2res88
6 word stories/hybrid type

I can say a few things about this exercise. It was really hard for me to fit my story in only 6 words and so i tried hundreds of possible variations (and spent half the time on that). Yet i am still not satisfied 😀  The hybrid typeface itself in my head had to remind roads signs, to resemble paths, and to wake a feeling of a journey and an universal rule/ road sign in the same time. Each of the letters gives you a possibility to choose in which direction you would like to continue (if you could resize yourself and take a walk on the sheet of paper 😀 ). Some of the roads are dead ends, some continue and merge with other letters. As a whole I made a customized typeface for my idea, which was not entirely bound to the brief we were given. According to the latter, I had to repeat each of the letters consistently in order to achieve a coherent typeface (invent an “A”, then repeat it all the way) . Each of my letters is different from the others, and even though that disobeys the task, it supports my idea –  each path is different from the others. Everything is hand painted (there is a soul in hand touched things and I strongly prefer them to digital ones).

Conclusion: Read your Brief carefully guys.

prep res20141031_113042 res20141031_120012
Words in the environment

I was seeking harmony, combination of warm colors, shapes and objects that generate warmth or have been generated by warmth. Unfortunately we had a very limited period of time to complete this project which otherwise I would have approached in more depth because I always seek inspiration from everyday objects. I like contemplating and looking at things and analyzing them.

This is my contribution:

20141104_110651aabv 20141104_113523abc 20141113_133832
Type specimen posters

Absolutely the first time I do something like this. I have never arranged blocks of text in a large page (only consumed finished magazines, pages, newspapers, books,webpages, everything, but never given it a serious thought) , I have never used InDesign as well, I have never researched an existing typeface.

The layout that fascinated me the most during my research
The layout that fascinated me the most during my research

However, Myriad is the most boring typeface I have seen in my life (if you want to present it in a creative and dynamic manner you will not present its real identity) – which is a good feature for its purpose – it was initially designed to look invisible and generic. I decided to create an invisible poster too. I had never done something similar before so I wanted to exercise and see different possibilities. I created two different layouts – portrait and landscape.

resize myriad bqlresize myriad cherno



And as a conclusion see some of my calligraphic experiments over the last two weeks

experiments-gif-portrait resize20141113_135208b experiments-gif-horizont


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