Basically our first real project. This is probably going to be a long post.

Our task: To create an A3 themed poster within 10 days which includes at least 4 of the following : Photoshop, Illustrator, Photography, Drawing, Collage.
Aims: To generate ideas (and communicate them properly) , improve layout skills, research, experiment

My word: Time

I can divide the time I spent on this project into 5 stages, starting from nothing to the final outcome. You could spend a week on that or you could dig it up for years. It’s up to you and the circumstances you’re in. And of course what you want to achieve.

1st stage: Choose one word from 5 given. Do it quickly and intuitively, don’t over think. Next: write and scribble the first things that come into your head in relation to this word. Make quick notes, and try to visualize them with rough sketches. Do not think about the final result, dive in the meaning of the word and all the things it’s connected to, discover new aspects, draw them. Why? Because you want to have a lot of material and potential ideas to choose from afterwards. – you want to have a wide range of opportunities.
2nd stage: Make a selection from all the floating ideas, connect them, upgrade them, now that you have a more concrete and clear idea, improve it.

3rd stage: Layout. Arrange all the important components of your image, think about the hierarchy and the meanings it communicates. Compose it so that everything supports your thesis and backs up your concept.

4th stage: Think about the media and materials you are going to use in order to accomplish your plans. After that: start creating and collecting all the parts you need.

resP1050323 resP1050359aresP1050495mresP1050493g

5th stage: Bring all these together using the most appropriate software. Build your final piece and finally – print it.

sorry for the bad quality of the photo , BUT anyway (ba dum tssss drum-rolls) here is what we have :

20141017_111149 you can rotate the arrows

smallerthe actual colors + painful lack of arrows

my official favourite:20141017_111105

wehee colorful studio 20141017_111307


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