An exercise for good morning ! 🙂
We were asked to tell a story in 16 frames. A story which happened 10 minutes before we were given our task in the studio! It was our morning schedule – from the moment we woke up until the moment we entered university.
First of all, a written plan of what exactly we were going to include and an idea of how to figuratively express it had to be completed. Quick symbolic sketches were encouraged, because the action of fast drawing generates a whole new way
of thinking, which is impossible to reach only with writing. I enjoy turning my conscious thoughts off while drawing – but I can only do this effectively in complete silence.
I like it because it kind of enables my subconscious competence to do the things. And the subconscious competence is so much more powerful !! So this is the outcome – took about 10-15 minutes. What I don’t like about it is the fact that the
boxes are not separated and it feels .. overcrowded? I will definitely try to make more storyboards, it’s a great exercise – you develop the visual messages you’re sending and you can save some memories in this funky way too 🙂 Try it !!STORY


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